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New in Bioeconomy

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    A window of opportunity has opened for Europe and Russia to develop strategic partnerships that break links between economic growth and social and environmental harm. That opportunity is called bioeconomy.

    The time is right. Russia’s economy is at a crossroads. It depends heavily on oil exports and has been hit hard by falling oil prices. But this is not the only reason for Russia to follow the bioeconomy path.

    Global population growth and the need to address climate change will drastically alter the dynamics of supply and demand for water, food, energy and land in the coming decades. There will be rising political, social and economic tensions over access to global natural resources - but also great opportunities in transforming our fossil-based economy into a new bio-based, resource efficient and low carbon one.

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BioEco 2014 Videos

  • Have a look at the infographics video showing the results and recommendations of the 2014 Barcelona BioEconomy Forum – a call for action and cooperation amongst key stakeholders in local, regional and global contexts.

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