Some background reading on the bioeconomy

These articles and papers have been selected as of potential interest to the bioeconomy debate. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Barcelona BioEconomy Forum.

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Reflections on the bioeconomy and the role of forests

A working definition of the bioeonomy and considerations on the role of forests.

Inazio Martinez de Arano, Kathrine Raleigh, Albert Bach, Barcelona BioEconomy Forum Steering Committee
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Can REDD+ achieve conservation, livelihoods and Climate Change mitigation goals?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and enhancing forest carbon stocks in developing countries, REDD+: what is the potential impact on biodiversity, forests and livelihoods?

John Parrotta (Deputy Coordinator, IUFRO Division 8 and Lawal Marafa (Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee)
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Finnish Bioeconomy strategy

Finland has set the course for a low-carbon and resource-efficient society and a sustainable economy. A key role in reaching this goal is played by a sustainable bioeconomy. The vision of the first Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy is that Finnish well-being and competitiveness will be based on sustainable bioeconomy solutions.
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The Value of Forests: Payments for Ecosystem Services in Green Economy

The range of forest environment services is explored through fourteen detailed case studies, which examine best practice in promoting PES. Political and public relations implications of PES are discussed at length, and recommendations include the need for clarity about where PES may be a useful tool in moving towards a green economy and where other methods may be more appropriate.
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Biotechnologies in Agriculture and Related Natural Resources to 2015

This study provides an overview of the current state of the technological development and, through an analysis quantitative data related to R&D pipelines and the current literature, presents estimates and projections for the types of biotechnologies expected to reach the market for use in ANR to 2015.
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Biotechnology: Ethical and social debate

The development of biotechnology has triggered many ethical and social reactions from the public opinion, the media and non-governmental organisations. The aim of the document is to provide some insights into the ethical concerns, dilemmas and trade-offs that have been expressed concerning biotechnology in the last ten years.
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Small and Medium Enterprises in Agricultural Biotechnology

The primary objective of this study is to identify the types of business models being used by small and medium enterprises in the agricultural biotechnology industry as it exists across the globe. A secondary objective is to identify some of the economic and policy factors that influence the business opportunities available to SMEs.
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Star-COLIBRI project: The Joint European Biorefinery Vision for 2030

The Joint European Biorefinery Vision for 2030 presents the comprehensive assessment of the key factors, challenges and opportunities that will drive the area of biorefinery. The result is a formulation of a common vision for all the major stakeholders of the five ETPs in the area of biorefinery. The document builds on similar existing documents, including but not limited to the biorefinery-related content of the Vision Documents of the ETPs. Potential gaps are complemented with the findings of Star-COLIBRI.
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21st session of the Near East Forestry and Range Commission

Green Economy in the Near East Challenges and Prospects: Valuation of the Contribution of Forest and Rangeland to Sustainable Development in the Near East Region
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Contribution of forests to a green economy in the Middle East and North Africa

This study presents evidence on forests' contribution to a green economy and suggests concrete recommendations to decision-makers. It focuses primarily on countries participating in the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF), namely Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.
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European forests – benefits for EU citizens

Presents the benefits which European forests and the forest-based sector provide for EU citizens, and how we can ensure effective and coherent forest-related EU policies to make the best use of forest resources.
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ThinkForest policy brief - Forest bioenergy in Europe: reassessment needed

One-size fits all policies are not optimal for enhancing forest biomass-based bioenergy development in Europe in a sustainable way. This policy brief presents recommendations for renewed assessments and policies, together with better policy coordination.
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Sustainable wood mobilization for EU renewable energy targets

According to the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) of EU member countries, more than a third of Europe’s binding renewable energy sources target of 20% by 2020 will come from solid biomass. This study discusses the feasibility and sustainability of forest biomass as a renewable energy source.
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Strategies and policies for the bioeconomy and bio-based Economy: An analysis of official national approaches

The aim of this study is to analyze selected national strategies and policies regarding the development of a bioeconomy and to clarify similarities and differences between them. The article presents a comparative overview of the strategies and policies for developing a bioeconomy in the EU, USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Australia.
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The bioeconomy in Europe: An overview

The study looks at bioeconomy development in Europe. It points at the need for : participatory governance that engages the general public and key stakeholders in an open and informed dialogue as well as a commitment by government and industry to innovation that drives concerted efforts on sustainable development of the bioeconomy.
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The knowledge based bio-economy (KBBE) in Europe: Achievements and challenges

A report launched in 2010 about the bioeconomy in Europe, offering background and policy recommendations.
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Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, volume 29, issue 4, Special issue, Bio-based Economy

This special issue contains several useful background articles:
Bioeconomy – an emerging meta-discourse affecting forest discourses?
Shades of green: a social scientific view on bioeconomy in the forest sector
Forestry in bioeconomy – smart green growth for the humankind