Organising Committee

Advisory Board

The international Advisory Board, like the Forum itself, brings together scientists, business people, civic leaders, tecnical experts and policy-makers. Together they pool knowledge and experience from fields such as forest science and management, water and sanitation, climate and energy, sustainable consumption and production, environmental governance and strategic planning.

The Advisory Board is chaired by Professor Marti Boada Juncà, Professor & Scientific Researcher, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The Advisory Group of the Barcelona BioEconomy Forum held their initial meeting at Sant Pau on June 19 2014.
Advisory Board Members

Steering Group

The Steering Group oversees the practical preparation of the Forum. The Steering Group of Barcelona BioEco 2014 consists of distinguished leaders of international and Spanish forestry and related organizations as well as stakeholders from host region, Catalonia.

The Steering Group is lead by Inazio Martínez de Arano, Head of the European Forest Institute Mediterranean Regional Office.
Steering Group Members


The Secretariat for Barcelona BioEco 2014 is the European Forest Institute Mediterranean Regional Office. Professor Adj. Dr Liisa Tahvanainen is the Secretary General.
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