About Barcelona BioEconomy Forum

Barcelona BioEconomy Forum is a policy-oriented but science-based solution-seeking platform, bringing together top-level company leaders with policy makers, scientists and other opinion leaders: blue-sky thinking firmly rooted in reality.

Barcelona BioEco 2014 is the first event in a series of biennial global forums on sustainable economic development derived from a wide variety of forest-based renewable resources and ecosystem services. The focus is on the challenges of the Mediterranean area and Southern Hemisphere – with strong global connections.

pelegri 200Mr. Josep Maria Pelegrí
Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment, Government of Catalonia, Spain

“I have a vision of more secure future, of an economy based on renewable resources. Europe should show the way towards a sustainable bioeconomy."

toni trasobares 200Dr. Antoni Trasobares Rodríguez
General Director of Natural Resources and Biodiversity, Government of Catalonia, Spain

“The Ministry encourages companies, organisations and civil society to join this initiative and contribute towards a vision for a competitive bioeconomy for green jobs, well-being, environment and a sustainable future.”


There is a need to generate practical new ideas on how to optimally and sustainably utilise natural resources, promoting wellbeing and resource wisdom for multiple benefits, and solutions adapting to a changing climate and the diminishing availability of natural resources.


The Forum was initiated with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Catalonia, Spain, to promote the development of economy based on renewable resources.


Around 70 high-level participants globally are expected including national and EU politicians, Company CEOs, opinion leaders, NGOs, international organisations and other leading professionals working in the fields of sustainable development, conflict prevention, forest resources, bioindustry, etc.


The results will be disseminated widely in the form of practical recommendations for action from top decision makers to end users.

The Forum language is English.

First Announcement (PDF)