Around 70 high-level participants globally are expected including national and EU politicians, Company CEOs, opinion leaders, NGOs, international organisations and other leading professionals working in the fields of sustainable development, conflict prevention, forest resources, bioindustry, etc.

Participation to the Barcelona BioEconomy Forum is by invitation only.

Barcelona BioEconomy Dialogue Workshops

For Barcelona's forthcoming Forum on the bioeconomy to be truly authentic, it is vital that we hear as many different voices and views as possible. While spaces at the November event itself are necessarily limited, the invitation is open to you to join us in the discussion this autumn.

The Barcelona BioEconomy Forum organising committee wishes to engage leading scientific, civil society and public institutions to join the Dialogue on the bioeconomy. Organisations and institutions are invited to host focussed meetings with key bioeconomy stakeholders around the world in the months leading up to the Forum. This collaboration should serve to contribute knowledge and proposals to the Forum, bring strategic actors to the table, and create new opportunities for the dissemination of Forum results among a wider public.

Dialogue Partners are invited from all sectors with an interest in the development of a sustainable bioeconomy. Topics for discussion can be broad sweep or focussed on specific issues. Participation is encouraged from all members of society, and representation from youth organisations and bodies, the breadth of the Mediterranean and views from outside Europe are particularly sought.

Dialogue Partners will be asked to prepare a brief report on their meeting, the results of which will be published on the Forum website. Furthermore, the results of all dialogues will be incorporated into a single proposal document that will be presented as formal input to the Forum work sessions in November.

More information on how you can take part

If you wish to host a Barcelona BioEconomy Dialogue, please contact the Secretariat.

Dialogue Results

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