BioEconomy Forum - Programme 2014

Main Venue: Administration Pavilion, Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona

Day 1   Thursday 27 November


Session 1 · Opportunity

Opening: Presentation of the Barcelona BioEconomy Forum 2014: From Koli to Barcelona

Keynote addresses: How can leaders drive the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy?

Plenary & discussion: Challenges and opportunities to advance the bioeconomy

Session 2 · Strategy

Plenary & discussion: Exploring strategic issues through successful stories

  • Financing, evaluating and caring for non-tangible goods
    Conservation versus renewable raw materials.
  • Accelerating the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy
    Investing funds and policies in replacing non-renewable resources.
  • Exploring the water – energy – food nexus
    Sustainable development to balance different needs.


Gala Dinner

Day 2   Friday 28 November


Session 3 · Action

Plenary & discussion: Translating strategy into action

Workshop: Proposals for action


  • Engaging society (consumer attitudes and behaviours)
  • Policy framework for innovation and investment
  • Maximising the contribution of the bioeconomy to sustainable development

Session 4 · Results

Plenary & discussion: Barcelona BioEconomy Forum conclusions

Results and dialogue


Day 3   Saturday 29 November


Field trip: Mediterranean forest and culture in Les Gavarres, Catalonia

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