Bioeconomy Dialogue #1 photo album

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Have a look to the first Bioeconomy Dialogue photo gallery!


29/11/2016 Bioeconomy Dialogue #1

Photos: Albert Garduño, EFI


The start of the post-petroleum era

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Is it realistic to expect large scale developments in bioeconomy considering the current low price of oil? EFI Director, Marc Palahí, believes that it is and considers the opportunities for a bioeconomy on a global scale.

Marc Palahí - Director of EFI (Photo by Saku Ruusila)

Climate change is the defining issue of our times as it exacerbates other global challenges like water scarcity, food security, poverty and migration crisis. Syria and the current refugee crisis exemplify that well. Between 2006 and 2013, Syria experienced the worst drought in modern times, which resulted in more than million people moving from rural areas to cities, already burdened by refugees from the war in Iraq. What followed is well known by all of us: one of the worst wars and refugee crisis of the last decades.

Engineered wood products and wood construction in the bioeconomy: Opportunities & challenges for Southern Europe

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Join us on 29 November for the first Bioeconomy Dialogue devoted to Engineered wood products and wood construction in the bioeconomy: Opportunities and challenges for Southern Europe.

This dialogue offers the opportunity to strategically reflect on the trends in the European sawmill and wood construction sectors and the drivers behind them. It will address the following questions: can we expect a significant increase in wood construction in Southwest Europe? Is it possible to shift the construction sector towards local wood? Where are the barriers and opportunities? What forest, industry and research policies will make that possible?

Bioeconomy offers Europe and Russia opportunity for long-term strategic cooperation

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A window of opportunity has opened for Europe and Russia to develop strategic partnerships that break links between economic growth and social and environmental harm. That opportunity is called bioeconomy.

The time is right. Russia’s economy is at a crossroads. It depends heavily on oil exports and has been hit hard by falling oil prices. But this is not the only reason for Russia to follow the bioeconomy path.

Global population growth and the need to address climate change will drastically alter the dynamics of supply and demand for water, food, energy and land in the coming decades. There will be rising political, social and economic tensions over access to global natural resources - but also great opportunities in transforming our fossil-based economy into a new bio-based, resource efficient and low carbon one.

European Pellet Conference 2016

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European Pellet ConferenceThe European Pellet Conference is the largest annual pellet event worldwide. It is the meeting place for the global pellet community and a great opportunity to get informed about current trends in the pellet world. The events attract more than 600 experts to Wels (Austria) by delivering the latest news about markets, technologies and policies. It also offers interactive events that provide valuable networking possibilities for exchanging experience and developing new cooperations and business partnerships. 

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015

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Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015Berlin Congress Center – 25 to 26 November 2015– Berlin, Germany.

The Global Bioeconomy Summit is the first community building platform to discuss bioeconomy policies globally. It builds on the post 2015 development goals to start a multilateral agenda setting process for a sustainable bioeconomy. For this purpose the German Bioeconomy Council, an independent advisory body to the German Federal Government, is inviting more than 500 leaders from policy, research, industry and civil society to Berlin. 

The time to act is now!

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Have a look at the infographics video showing the results and recommendations of the 2014 Barcelona BioEconomy Forum – a call for action and cooperation amongst key stakeholders in local, regional and global contexts.

VOLANTE Roadmap for future land resource management worth exploring

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The landscapes of Europe have altered rapidly over the last few decades. In the past 50 years we have seen significant and unprecedented human impacts on our landscapes. We desperately need a vision for a more sustainable future land use. The European VOLANTE project designed a roadmap for future land resource management in Europe, and successfully presented this to 75 policymakers in Brussels 21 April. Representatives from the European Commission, NGO’s, professional organisations and national and regional institutions confirmed the timeliness of the endeavour: although there exists no land use policy in the EU nor in many of its member states, numerous existing policies have important unintended effects on land use.

CASTLE Conference: Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy

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BBFnews20150402The CASTLE Conference on "Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Innovative Methods and Solutions for the Agriculture and Forest Sectors" will take place in Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona, Spain, on 21-23 October 2015.


Moving towards a bioeconomy is one of the key policy strategies of the EU. Its vision is of a knowledge-based Europe turning to green growth via innovation, which presents opportunities for the agricultural and forest-based sectors. Sustainable production of renewable resources will be needed, with the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy. Even though we currently lack a transparent and common understanding of the definition of a bioeconomy, we require improved tools and assessment methodologies to ensure that this intensified use of renewable biological resources is done sustainably.

Bioeconomy events in April

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Bioeconomy events in April

Professor Lauri Hetemäki (European Forest Institute) will give a keynote presentation on April 13th in Nancy (France) on the “Future of the Forest-Based Sector towards Bioeconomy” at the École Internationale de Recherche Agreenium Seminar, organized by AgroParisTech, INRA and Université De Lorraine.

On April 14th, Lauri Hetemäki will give a keynote presentation in Vienna on the "The Future of European Forest‐Based Sector" at the Bioeconomy Symposium, organized by IUFRO and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

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