Bioeconomy Dialogue #1 photo album

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Have a look to the first Bioeconomy Dialogue photo gallery!


29/11/2016 Bioeconomy Dialogue #1

Photos: Albert Garduño, EFI


The start of the post-petroleum era

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Is it realistic to expect large scale developments in bioeconomy considering the current low price of oil? EFI Director, Marc Palahí, believes that it is and considers the opportunities for a bioeconomy on a global scale.

Marc Palahí - Director of EFI (Photo by Saku Ruusila)

Climate change is the defining issue of our times as it exacerbates other global challenges like water scarcity, food security, poverty and migration crisis. Syria and the current refugee crisis exemplify that well. Between 2006 and 2013, Syria experienced the worst drought in modern times, which resulted in more than million people moving from rural areas to cities, already burdened by refugees from the war in Iraq. What followed is well known by all of us: one of the worst wars and refugee crisis of the last decades.

Engineered wood products and wood construction in the bioeconomy: Opportunities & challenges for Southern Europe

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Join us on 29 November for the first Bioeconomy Dialogue devoted to Engineered wood products and wood construction in the bioeconomy: Opportunities and challenges for Southern Europe.

This dialogue offers the opportunity to strategically reflect on the trends in the European sawmill and wood construction sectors and the drivers behind them. It will address the following questions: can we expect a significant increase in wood construction in Southwest Europe? Is it possible to shift the construction sector towards local wood? Where are the barriers and opportunities? What forest, industry and research policies will make that possible?

Mapping wood production in European forests

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wood production map cropped

The benefits that forests provide to people are getting increasing attention in scientific studies and decision making alike. Wood, or timber, production is one of the major benefits and it provides an important raw material that can be used for various purposes. While information is available on how much wood is being harvested in Europe, it has generally not been clear where this is happening. In a recent study, a group of scientists, led by Dr. Hans Verkerk (European Forest Institute), investigated spatial patterns in wood production and, for the first time, developed high-resolution wood production maps for European forests.